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Apostolic Leader, Seasoned Prophet & Reformer of the 21st Century.

Stephen Chestnut

About Stephen Chestnut

Apostle Stephen Chestnut has been recognized for identifying and extracting the God-given gifts and talents of those he comes in contact with. After over 15 years in spiritual leadership, his passion for solving identity issues, repairing heartbrokenness and breaking up the confusion around fatherlessness has aided in being a catalyst for change.

Stephen is passionate about bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary, the old and young––including every ethnic group. These have been validated both in corporate America and from various ministries. With the backing of many well-known professionals and generals in the body of Christ, he has aided in seeing God’s plan activated through his prophetic ministry.

God’s goal and continual commitment to mankind is expressed through the story of Stephen Chestnut. 

Through the Holy Spirit and sound wisdom and knowledge, his mark is sure to be felt for generations to come.